The Hollow

Post 2

I see unhappy faces of people
beyond their happy smiles,
Faking happiness when actually
they want to frown all the while.
I wish I could tell them that
it’s okay to be where they are right now,
And that life is going to be better soon,
and positive, somehow.
It is just a phase- that you’re going through,
a phase that may seem like a hollow of darkness
which won’t stop pulling you,
Deeper into the dark, without a ray of light
seeping into the vacuum.
But then do not forget,
there’s energy radiating out of you,
an energy filled with hope,
which can you out of the gloom.
For Hope and Time are the best healers,
With a smile, and your head held high,
Believe in your future and you’ll see
how gracefully you will survive the present mood leechers,
Stay with Hope and stay with Time,
For it is the best mode of transport,
it will take you to places and bury bad memories
in unreachable corners of your mind.


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