The Fallen Angel, Part 1

The Fallen Angel 1

Once upon a long long time , when the world was peaceful; the heavens rejoiced.
Heaven was a place full of beautiful gardens with exotic flowers and fruits of all kinds.

God’s messengers were blessed with beauty and majestic wings. These angels were always ready to help anyone in need.
Their hearts were untained by greed or sin.
A selection would determine who would remain in heaven while the others would depart to earth to look after the humans

Heaven had an angel, charming and mischievous. Her only wish was to help the humans.
Often from the sky she would gaze upon the earth longingly. She wanted to go and explore the earth and its plentiful bounty.
She eagerly awaited her selection for in her heart she knew where she belonged.
But the results shatteted her dream for other angels feared she was too fond of earth and would create attachments to humans. So she was to stay back in heaven.

Broken hearted, She sobbed and sobbed,
Little by little she began to loose her light and felt lost. Wandering heaven’s palace  one day she heard a conversation by chance.
The closed gate between heaven and earth would be opened for a short while. Her desire overrode her sense of duty and discretely that night she made her way to the gates of heaven right on time.

She landed on earth with a thud. With bare grass beneath her and burning sensation in her back. She felt that she was on fire. She expected joy instead she was hurting with endless waves of pain she’d never experienced.

She tried to fly back to the heaven. Only to discover that her once majestic wings were reduced to husk.
Her strong, beautiful wings were no more. She cried and cried and tried to stand only to fall back in a heap, tears made her eyes sore. The pain was unbearable. She wished for it to stop and regain her wings, so she prayed to god. It seemed that god had finally answered her prayers when she heard his calm soothing voice whisper in her ear. His words broke her down, for as she had disobeyed the rules she had to pay her dues. She was no more an angel but now she had to live the rest of her life as the humans she so adored.



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