The Fallen Angel, Part 3

The Fallen Angel 1

She who was soothed by his touch,
Began to shy away from his caresses,
She who used to look towards him as her salvation,
Began turning her eyes at his mere sight;
Until now
Her view of love wasn’t jaded,
She never felt the need to question her lover,
Of his life as angel
Before he met her.
Slowly she started to become aware
That he belonged to darkness,
While she always sided with light.
Being perceptive, her lover,
noticed changes in her
She who used to be happy
Was suddenly so sad.
She who used to welcome his every touch,
Now recoiled;
Deciding that enough was enough,
He confronted her
And she couldn’t hold her tears
She raged
And screamed
Asked him about the darkness
She saw in him
He merely stood there ;
Taking it all in
Then calmly he said
All the darkness that she saw in him
Was because
Long long ago
Before he met her
Before he called earth home
He used to be a demon.

Just like her
He too never belonged where he was supposed to
Just like her;
He wanted to come to earth
And help people in calamity.
Darkness was a part of him since he was born,
But it did not mean that he himself was dark.
Meeting her had changed his life.
He was afraid that once she learns the truth,
She will leave him behind.
She was the only one who mattered,
Ever since he saw her the first time.
As long as she was with him
She’d be his shining star.
She extinguishes his darkness with her immense light.
Perhaps it was destiny that they fall and meet each other to begin another chapter in their lives.
Listening to him
She felt stupid,
For doubting her love atall.
And perhaps he was right;
Maybe the reason that they both came to earth
Was because deep down,
They wanted to find the other half to their soul.
It didn’t matter that once she was an angel
Or that he was a demon
Each of their
Light and darkness
Perfectly balanced the other.
In their own world
Away from judgements and punishments,
They were imperfectly perfect for each other.



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