The Fallen Angel, Part 2

The Fallen Angel 1

She walked along the lanes of earth,
With the fragments of her broken wings,
shuddering with the pain of solitude and regret
If only she had given up on her forbidden cravings.
walking along the cracks on blue planet as it appeared from heaven; the prettiest one in the galaxy that she always wanted to step in.

The innocence of little kids reminded her of her friends,
While the ugly faces beneath grown ups brought to her the dark fight lessons

She realised that falling in love with the good parts healed her pain so she built a little world of happiness around her, an ecstasy that grew higher when she met another Fallen Angel.

Love made her strong and helped her heal,
Until once she saw a world of darkness in the eyes of her love, a depth of the dark that had deceived her into believing that light was coming through to her
when it was actually a fragment from the dark side.



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