I cry everyday, thinking about you, about the things that we could have had, but we couldn’t make it through.
I have been an idiot and hurt you by my indecisiveness all along, maybe if I had realised my feelings for you, I would have not done so many wrongs.
Baby, I need you to be with me and I want things to be the way they were before,
When you’d tease me and admire all my flaws and we would have our naughty texts; nights we confessed we loved each other and woke up in the morning as great friends.
I miss your flirting and making me jealous,
And how I pretended that on me it made no efforts,
But I lied, just like I have lied to you all along,
If only I had known that I have had feelings for you, but it is too late, now that you’re gone.
And now there you are, trying to keep up with my stupid decisions of staying away,
I wish I had seen this coming before dying inside as I now go through hell.
Come back to me, I plead to you, Talk to me the way you did before, lie next to me and spam up my message box by your flirts,
Don’t leave me heartbroken, for it has taken so much time to heal,
So I can stop crying day and night, and wake up not with puffy eyes but to a morning full of zeal.
Tell me about that twinkle you like to see in my eyes when I smile bright,
And that my laugh turns you on, which others make fun of every time.
Baby I wish, I wish, I could go back in time and hit my past self and stop myself from telling all rude things to you thinking it wouldn’t go so hard on me later,
Baby, I wish, I wish I could tell you I love you and that I have always loved you, and I want you to be my forever.
But it’s too late, now that you’re gone,
And I have to live with regrets throughout my life now.



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