Words of change (Part 1) -Warrior spirit




Walking on a solitary lane
In a town she called home;
She took a turn leading to an alley
Where there was no one, she was all alone.
The serenity of her walk was broken,
When she felt someone’s presence close by
Suddenly she was taken,
And then she knew no more, as hours passed by,
Both body and mind
She was left broken on the sidewalk,
By the monster who wore the mask of a man.
From that moment on,
All she knew was pain.
Her body, battered
Her conscience and strength had become all frail.
All she could see,
All she could feel and
All she could think,
Was that moment of endless agony playing on rewind repeat again and again.
All her waking moments were filled with nightmares.
The marks on her body would fade with time,
But the marks on her heart and soul would take an eternity to heal.
Was death better than this hell called life ?
She asked herself many times,
Deep down she knew, being alive she would have to live like the dead,
Until her tormentor was put behind the bars, her soul couldn’t rest.
Even though
Her heart
Were broken by him
Her warrior spirit remained intact,
A voice in her arose,
“Live because you have the right to live, no saddist can take your right away from you.
Live because you cannot truly live until justice is given to you.”




Women Safety Helpline numbers-

India – 1091

Pakistan – 0800-933-72

U.S.A – 800-656-4673

Austria – +43800222555

Australia – 1800 737 732

Afghanistan – 6464

Belgium – 1712

China – 0800-810-1117

Denmark – +4570203082

Dubai – 050-4559594

Finland – +35880002400

France – 3919

Germany – 08000116016

Greece – 197

Italy – 1522

Netherlands- 08002000

Russia – 08800700600

Spain – 016

Sweden – 020521010

Switzerland – 143

England – 08082000247

Japan – 0570000911

Sri Lanka – 1938

South Africa – 0800150150


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