Dear mom

Hi mom! I know I could say all these things I am writing to you , but as you know I can express myself better with my words.
In all these years of my life , I haven’t met one single person as wonderful and beautiful as you. I am so proud and so very lucky to have you as my mom. You have taught me everything I know. You made me who I am. It’s not just the big obvious things I am thankful to you for; It is those hard difficult parts of my life; my own self that you helped me with. It is said that a potterer can make a vase in whichever way he wants. But you never did that. You gave me structure, you gave me meaning; but you never made me do what I didn’t, you never forced your ideals on me. You made me realize that I could make myself. That I could be independent. Just like you. You taught me to never back down, to stand firm in what you believe in, even if you are wrong, even if it is a mistake, you let me make it , so that I will learn to pick up myself and start from scratch, and I did each time, because you always supported me.
Remember the time , when I came home crying, because I had failed in a test , first time in my life ? I was waiting for your reprimanding. But it never came, instead you hugged me and said “It is okay to fail sometimes.” I swear your hugs are pure magic. They melt my worries and all my pain. We squabble and clash over petty things, but that is because I am as stubborn as you, afterall you never taught me to back down. I love your views on life and I try to implement them in my life, “cross the bridge when you come across it”, you always say this to me and in all my decisions I try to abide by it.
Even the words I write are a gift from you. I inherited your love for them afterall ! You are my biggest critic and I hope to always do you proud. You have taught me so many things, I am amazed just by your mere presence in my life. You are my superhero, a living breathing one. You are my inspiration. You are in every happy thought of mine. I love you so so much Mommy, even now when you are particularly annoyed at me, while I am writing this !
Happy mother’s day Momma ! I hope you like my letter
(P.S: I couldn’t save much, will give you a nicer gift next year !)



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