Everything Happens For A Reason


Today, I woke up in a very bad mood. Working on weekends will do that to you. I was grumpy and wanted my daily caffeine fix. Alas ! This day turned out to be worse than I expected . My coffee maker broke down and to top it off our apartment’s water supply was again cut off. At this moment I was feeling like a she-Hulk. I had to get to my meeting downtown. A big merger was in the process of going through and my job was on the line. The big omnious clock in my apartment chimed 8’o clock and the meeting was to start at 9!
I cleaned myself up as quickly as possible and rushed out. Just as I flagged down a taxi, an old woman sat in my intended seat and the taxi sped away. I cursed under my breath and decided to call my friend to pick me up only to find that I had forgotten to bring my cell phone. Cursing my luck I made a trek back to my apartment, all 9 floors up to my flat as the lift was not working again. Frustrated I grabbed my phone as quickly as possible and dialled my friend’s cell. Pick up ! Pick up ! Finally !
As if the day couldn’t be any worse.
He had already reached the office no point in double backing making half hearted assurances that I would try to come on time. I slammed my phone shut
And stormed out.
Three failed attempts at flagging a taxi,
I was late as hell and probably was gonna get fired
“Mam, there seems to be a traffic block on this street. It’s best I take you through that way .” The taxi driver said
Of course one more thing in the list of things that will go wrong today. Why oh why do you hate me God !
It was 8:58 barely 2 minutes to the meeting
I rushed right out of the taxi
Huffing and panting; I reached the meeting room at 9:05.
Damn, my boss was gonna chew me out. He was a stickler for time .
I banged open the meeting room with millions of apologies on my lips
To find it empty .
What the ?

I walked out to the lobby
People were frantic
And were crowding around the plasma screen tv
My friend caught the sight of me
“Hey, what is going on in here?”
I asked him.

“You…thank god…you are okay..I thought….” my friend was trembling .
I wanted answers; Right now. What was happening?
That was when I caught the glimpse of the T.V. screen
My whole body stood still.
A shiver ran down my spine .
There on T.V.
were the images of a major car pile up accident.
Which occured on my normal route to the office .
They were saying a taxi took a wrong turn and hit the divider causing the other oncoming cars to hit it and thus hiting each other in turn.
The first casualty was an old woman .
The same woman who took my taxi.

3 other taxis were hit.

All the occupants were dead.



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