Dear Dad,


Dear Dad,
There are so many things that I don’t say to you. Maybe because they are too many in number and I might just stumble upon my heavily sentimental side and end up drenched in tears; for two reasons. One being my inability to cope up with all the expectations you have of me, that you never tell me about; and the other reason being pride, Yes I have the Best Dad in the entire Universe.

I read somewhere today morning, “Anyone can be a Father; but it takes a special person to be a Dad.” Baba, you truly are special, not just because you’re friendly with me but because even when you have to deal with so much stress, you always have a positive approach towards life.

I still regret those rebellious teenage years. I almost believed that outsiders were better friends of mine. I had forgotten how special our friendship was.

And when I did bounce back to reality, I found no one else around me to help me face it, but you and Maa. You both never stopped believing in me and showered me with unconditional love which I solemnly believe I can never get from anyone else.

Our discussions on Science and Politics, your daily lectures on almost every good and bad thing in this world (which I do find boring at times) and your jokes, I cherish them all.

Baba, I have deep respect for you and I love you a lot. Thank You for understanding me always, and for always supporting my independent nature.
Thank You for everything. I am not the best Daughter in the world, but you certainly are the best Dad ever.


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