The room was white and sterile, strongly smelling of antiseptics.
Currently the lone surgery table was occupied and a handful of people were working franatically.
“What are we doing? It is so wrong.”
The doctor present in the observation area said to his companion.
“It is not wrong doctor, it is our last hope.” Said his companion with conviction.
Below in the room, the patient on the table was thrashing wildly.
The machines were going haywire.
“Hold her, damn, hold her head.”
The head surgeon shouted.
“No, stop…hurts”, the patient moaned in pain.
“Sir..sir,should we do this ?”
His assistant asked him.
“No we shouldn’t have to do this, but we have no choice, now quickly inject her and pass me the scalpel..”
The artificial light poured into the room. Everything was quiet and peaceful. Suddenly the quiet was broken by a gasp from the recovery table. She was awake. She groaned and groggily tried to lift her head. Finding that she couldn’t. Something weighed her down. Her head felt heavy, she started panicking. The machines attached to her started beeping loudly. Abruptly the steel door opened and in walked a man and a woman in white coats.
“Thank god, thank god you are awake.” The woman looked visibly relieved. She started walking towards the girl.
The man stood stuck still in the doorway as if he was afraid to come inside fully.
“D…don’t come..near me..” the girl rasped. Her eyes widened with shock. The woman stopped walking towards her.
“My voice…my voice”, the girl clutched at her throat.
“Calm down love, all will be answered soon.” The woman said soothingly.
The woman nodded towards the man and he gave her something. Something shiny.
The woman cautiously handed the shiny object to her. She realised it was a mirror.
“Have a look, we are very very sorry.” The woman said regretfully.
Slowly the confused and scared girl picked up the mirror and what she saw made her horrified.
Her face, her face, everything about her was mechanic. They told her she was sick and had been for a very long time. She had voluntarily signed up for this programme. Where they used humans as test subjects.
“The great destruction is upon us child. We had to find a way to survive. For humanity to thrive once again. We tested countless subjects but only you had the genetic code unique for survival. You will survive. You are our last and only hope.”
The woman told her.
“ you made me this..this frightful being..a droid?” She asked in her new mechanical voice.
“We had to…your body was dying, and inorder to survive you need tougher skin, but we did not touch the humane part of your brain. You are still you.” The woman said gently.
They were the last remnants of the society. Soon they all would die. They had cursed her with this life. To carry on, to survive, to lead a lonely existence.
Her brain was hardwired with all the history, discoveries and all the skills developed and mastered by humans. Her robotic body enhanced by the perfect combination of biotechnology and robotics.

It was 2050 and soon no one would be ‘alive’ but her.
Or so they thought.



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