I picked up the clothes from the hall and rushed towards the bedroom to throw them there;  Eucalys had arrived. She was quite an enthusiast when it came to nursing plants and I was supposed to give her a natural manure mixture I prepared with vegetable peels so she could use them for the nursery at her house.
I opened the door and greeted her with a smile. She had worn a long, full sleeved black dress which took me a bit by surprise as dark colours were not her thing. She was an admirer of vibrancy. Shades of green being her favourite; which reflected serenity and peace, synonymous to her nature.
Nevertheless, black made her look enticingly bolder; than she had ever appeared.
I pulled her inside and closed the door, bringing her closer to me and looked into her dark brown eyes.

“Are you sure you’re just here to take away some nutrients for your plants?”
“Well, I hear there are nutrients you have which can keep my skin glowing.” She smirked.
“Really? Like what?”

Before I knew it, she was on her knees; unzipping my pants and pulling it down, consuming me in ways I had never thought this simple, innocent girl would have me.

I did not want to come; I wanted to carry her towards my bed and make her moan; make her feel the same way she made me feel. But she insisted I come in her mouth.  When my 10 minute teleportation to heaven was over, I rested on the bed and pulled her towards me. She sat on my lap now; and kissed me on the lips.

“I love you.” I said to her and I caressed her waist. I truly did. There was something in her simplicity which always got me curious about her.

Her eyes which always spoke just what she thought of, suddenly seemed worried, as though some thing were bothering her; as though she was hiding some thing.
She looked at her watch and jumped out of my lap, “I need to leave.” She said and headed towards the door.

“Eucal? Did I say something wrong?” I tried reaching out to her but she was in a hurry. “No dear, what you said was the right thing; you just chose the wrong time to say it,” she continued, “I’m really sorry Ted. I need some time alone.” and left.
In a span of 15 minutes, her simplicity, transparency and extremely stable-minded nature got replaced by enticingness, secrecy and eccentricity.

I wasn’t ready to accept this change in her behavior. Some thing was wrong; maybe not in what I said to her; a good six months together is good enough for us to have such strong feelings for each other; maybe it was in some thing that was bothering her and she wasn’t ready to talk to me about it. Maybe my questions weren’t right enough; but I needed the right answers. I got dressed, took the vegetable manure mix with me, and headed towards her home via my car.

I parked the car on the driveway across her house. I was a rare visitor to her house but I did drop her there every evening after college. Our seldom intimate moments were reserved just for my apartment. I walked up to the door of her house and rang the bell. I stood there for as long as my patience wanted me to stay. A 5 minute impatient walk back and forth within the tiny space near the door was followed by loud bangs on the door; “Eucalys?? Are you there? Please open the door.” I raised my voice a bit. I tried giving the main door a harsh push and found my way in. I could hear the sound of her moans; not the pleasure ones, it sounded like she was in immense pain, as though some one was harming her. I rushed towards her bedroom and opened it, what I saw was tremendously shocking.
There she lay, naked on her bed; hands and legs spread open, her nursery plants on either sides of her bed. What was horrendous was that her naked body oscillated every 2 to 3 seconds between the sheath of green veins and neurons and the skin sheath; both her legs and her hands started tapering into a several concurrent structures that resembled the roots of trees. She shouted at the top of her voice, holding onto the edges of her bed; and within a few more seconds the rate of variations slowed down and the sheath of skin overpowered the appearance of her veins, the root structures broke and skin appeared again over her hands and legs.

I couldn’t help but stand there; terrified at this sight, trying to comprehend everything that was happening in front of me, understanding why she rarely called me to her house, why she loved plants so much. Maybe there was genuine truth and desperation in her words when she said she needed her share of nutrients from me which would keep her skin glowing. Maybe thats why she wore a full sleeved black dress today, to hide the hell growing beneath her clothes which she would heal with my help.
Maybe there was a reason why her name was Eucalys after all.



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