A Forgotten Passion


I found a canvas in my home,
fading into a layer of dust;
worn out from the sides it was,
yet so welcoming to the eyes,
as though it was calling
out for colours.
I scrolled through the junk
inside my closet,
to search for an old passion.
Beneath layers of huge
stacks of academia,
I found my drawing books
and paint-brushes.
As I touched colours on the pages
I used to carve art on,
I wondered where
the good old times while
looking for a good future
had gotten lost!
I am no painter.
I was known for ruining paintings
when I worried too much about detail,
and so I let my passion become
a hobby long forgotten.
But that day, I wanted to paint
And so I dipped my fingers into
colours and carved
meaningless art
and coloured the canvas
with the hues of red.
I painted
and I painted,
until I ruined the picture
and then I painted again.
A bad piece of painting it
resembled, when I had one
last look at it.
But somehow, it made me happy
since I poured all of my heart into it,
in the form of colours that when
touched the canvas,
made me forget all my maladies.
Guess that’s what life is about.
We may screw up so many times,
listen to our heart,
and let the intellectual mind whine.
But at the end of the day,
being happy is all that matters.



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