When we were children, everything was so simple; just like a song. When we had no other friends, but just each other to rely upon. Do you remember how we used to play the whole day and spend nights at each other’s house? You were my protector and my only friend back then. As we grew up, we grew closer and closer. No new friends were as precious to me as you were. We were not just friends, we were the best of friends. We were inseparable and told each other everything. But something changed when we were in highschool, do you remember the long fights we had which we never had before? It seemed like each and every fight drifted us apart. The long silence which was stretching between us for days soon it turned to months. It seemed that we no longer needed each other in our lives, I had my friends and so did you. But still I cried at night, thinking about you and the time we spent together, I missed you but my pride always got in the way, so I never tried to fix the wrongs and left your friendship behind. I moved across the country like you did. Even though we never talked for years; I never had the courage to delete your number or unfriend you on social media, maybe my heart was still hoping for a reconciliation.
College got over and soon I started my first job, and on the first day I literally bumped into you! Seeing you after so many years, I didn’t know how to feel.
There you were; all charming and handsome and I was gaping like a fool in front of you.
“Sorry” we said simultaneously. Just one word brought out so many conversations we wanted to have in the past but never got the chance to have.
After all those years of missing, I was secretly hoping you were there, still the same. Do you remember the long talk that followed, why the hell did we ever stop talking? It was as if we never broke our friendship.
Soon, we reconnected and days were spent reminiscing about the good times we had. But this time our friendship seemed different, the lines between just friends and something more blurring day by day. Do you remember that day, when I decided to throw caution to the winds and act on my growing feelings for you? I was reckless like that. Do you remember the way I kissed you? I remember your silly smile and the sparkle in your mischievous eyes when I did, and then you teasingly whispered, “Oh thank God! I wasn’t the only one thinking about doing that. ”
Love came naturally, you were all that I wanted and all that I missed. You were a part of me. Do you remember, how nervous you were when you proposed? I still remember the look of utter joy on your face when I said yes. I thought nothing could match that look, but you always proved me wrong. Nothing could prepare me for the look full of love and care I saw in your eyes, when I walked down the aisle and you and I were bound for life.
Do you remember the days of bliss and happiness, the strength of love overcoming difficulties, and giving us immense joy? Do you remember the day I told you about the life we created together growing inside me? You cried with joy and my heart bursted out with happiness. Our sons were blessings in disguise, a perfect mix of you and me , everything was beautiful, everything was perfect, life went on, seasons turned; our love aged finely like a wine. Even when I was wrinkled and grey, you called me beautiful. Do you remember, the pride we felt when our grandkid called our names for the very first time? But then you went, so suddenly that I still find it so hard to believe that you are really not here. Amongst us, your family, with me; holding me or telling me once again how much you loved me, or how beautiful I was. Standing before your grave, it has started to sink in, you have really left me, no amount of hoping, no amount of praying will bring you back. I miss you so much, my heart has broken apart. This is the worst separation. No strings of fate bringing us together once again, not in this life atleast.
You were not just my protector, my best friend, my lover, my husband, the father of my children; but you were also my joy, my pride and the beautiful song of my life; the sweet sound of it’s memories will keep reverberating around me till the end of time.


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