Don’t watch her fall asleep


Don’t watch her
fall asleep every night,
As one morning,
when you’d wake up,
you may not find
her next to you.

And then you’d be
looking for drugs
that put you to
sleep every night;
but nothing else would
stand up to the kind
of high you get just by looking at her
blissful sleeping face.

Don’t let her give you nicknames,
as when she’d fade into your
chronicles of things lost
due to the words you
shouldn’t have ever said;
you would miss her sweet voice.

Don’t let her kiss your forehead,
because when you’d remember
how much you cherished those
kisses, you would also remember
not making her feel the same.

Don’t watch her fall asleep,
for one day, when you’d reach out
for her body, to bring her close to you
you would only bump into a blank space.

And you’d know all the answers,
yet wonder where she went;
and add a spoonful of regrets,
into that morning cup of tea
you would then have to drink alone.



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