I opened my eyes
to the world around,
the dream that I dreamed
was shattered.
What once was simple
wasn’t so simple at all.
The purity of my soul
tainted by suffering and misery,
the illusion broken down
stripping my innocence bare,
to be judged and frowned upon.
I had to give myself up
at the altar of despair.
To survive the abject cruelty,
I had to be someone I was not.

The sweet dreams
have been long since given up to face the harsh reality,
happiness a long lost memory,
I float through life
with soulless eyes,
countless others
pass by me.
We are all the same,
we aren’t different at all,
we all carry the pain
of losing something which was once ours,
sacrificed to break away from the illusions the mind casts.



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