A Funeral of Goodbyes


I sit and watch with deadened eyes, the flames flickering bright, casting shadows on my hollow gaunt visage. A phantom hand curls around my slack fingers, providing me the much needed warmth, even a blazing inferno can’t provide me with. The hands feel soft and familiar. I reach out to touch the face they belong to, grasping nothing but thin air. I relive the beautiful moments and memories I made with the love that haunts me. That beautiful smile; smiled only for me, that pure heart beating so in sync to mine, that deep connection of souls I haven’t felt with anyone other than my one and only love. I had it all, the warmth, the love and the sunshine, but it had been ripped apart so suddenly; I was left cold and dead inside, the sunshine gone and now only the rain pours and pervades my soul. As the silent tears trickle down, the sky opens up and the heavens cry with me. The harsh winds whipping by, the heavy rain dousing the flickering flames, my love turning to ash so easily, the winds whispering his last I love you to me. I burn each and every moment, each and every feeling he evoked. I burn my love, will my heart to withstand the searing pain, the memories of us slipping from my mind, mingling with the soot and ash, becoming one with the one I say goodbye to. Becoming one with you.



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