Shades of freedom


The bright and glorious light of the sun lights up everything in a golden halo,
The tree leaves sway gently
with the mild breeze,
The mynas and koels
sing a melodious song;
It’s rhythm, soft and harmonious.
I am taken back to a time
When I was young and rebellious,
Dusty streets lined my backyard,
I remember walking,
running and chanting slogans on these downtrodden paths,
Holding placards declaring
the want of freedom,
the creation of one Nation.
I remember the rousing
speeches which inspired,
the man who’s lead was
followed by the whole nation.
I remember the bonds of brotherhood
forged in the fires of volleys and abuses,
The countless beatings that I endured,
the hoarseness of my voice
after shouting chants
nonstop for hours,
The blisters on my feet
walking long distances for our ideals.
Looking back, nothing was simple;
nothing was ours.
I remember the bitter tears shed in the remembrance of sacrifices
of our loved ones
made to achieve our rights,
But now the times have changed,
Long has been since
the freedom was attained and embraced with open arms and wide hopeful eyes,
Now even the birds sing of the revolution
That brought us back our life
Our culture,
Our independence,
And made our country truly incredible in everyone’s eyes.



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