The Words of Change series has come to an end and we couldn’t be more touched by the overwhelming response we received through the three posts. Being able to write and emboss your emotions into ink and making people feel them too is a blessing; writing for a cause, the emotions travel all the way from someone else’s experiences into your heart and make way into others by the way of your words; that’s a satisfying feeling, for you know you have made a difference in some way, it is maybe an inconspicious effort but it surely is the path to bring about the “change” you desire.
Thank you Girl Rising, for giving us the encouragement we needed to go ahead with this cause. We would like to thank Lauren Manning specially, for interacting with us from accross the globe and letting us interview her. It was a pleasure knowing her and the activities she is and has been a part of for the betterment of the girl child. Through our interactions, we could get an insight to the films the Girl Rising Foundation has directed and they are simply thought provoking.
Here are a few links to their short movies that you could stream on youtube:

You can check out their website for more updates:

Also, thanks to Mr. Harsh Shah, our graphic designer and app developer mate; his suggestions helped us shape our templates! He is talented as well as hardworking. Do check out his creative profile on instagram!

We hope to come up with a lot more series on social causes in the future and also hope that you, as our audiences will love and continue supporting us always.
Thank you!
Team Wings of Delight.


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