The Ultimate Quest


Often we find ourselves when we stand at the edge of a giant precipice. The voices of the past fade out, the darkness in the soul recedes, even the giant gaping hole of pain and misery does not overpower our decision. We know nothing awaits us down below the yawning crevice, but is knowing the only thing that can satisfy? We crave that deep satisfaction of experiencing the thrill of the downfall, our descent into something probably greater than ourselves. Loosing onself to find out the crux of the matter, finding our truth hidden beneath the masks we wear to protect the cracks on our soul. We can’t jump without the burden of these masks weighing us down, with the walls built so high and sturdy, how will the heart soar and the body fly? That tantalising pull of the unknown reels us in, the choice is simple, never knowing something which can’t be unearthed unless explored or attempting to atleast understand and skim the surface of the mysteries of life, to dive headlong without any masks, mysteries and survival tools, trusting you with yourself, knowing that the mind once possesed is limitless and hoping that you will emerge out of the abyss, a light awaiting ahead, a soft gentle glow which brings out the best in you, the parts of you, which makes you; you, the parts which the darkness could not rob. Knowing all this, still willing to take the plunge already makes you better than you were before you were faced with the choice of choosing to live your life, the way you want or the way others make you want to



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