Why love is a lot more than what we believe it is


I think we have got to stop having standards for love. The textbook definitions of love have probably ruined its essence for most of us that make us spend our entire life looking for ‘the one’ and fail. What if I told you that ‘The one’ was the guy who always took good care of you and loved you for what you are but you chose to put all that aside because it wasn’t “that”, because you were looking for something better? What if I told you that the girl you have been in love with since a while now is ‘the one’ for you but you left her because you had your own doubts as it wasn’t how your first love was?

First love is different and so is second, third, fourth and your tenth love for that matter. If you fall in love with different people, then how can you expect your feelings of love to be the same for each and everyone? First love is a weird entity, it incites in you feelings you feel for the first time but that doesn’t mean that was it and that’s how it is supposed to be every time. I think these standards keep us in self doubt and dilemmas and stops ourselves from the beautiful aspects of new love that our future could behold.


I think love isn’t merely the feeling of having your heart beating fast each time you see her, it’s about skipping your heart beat each time you think about losing her. It isn’t just about being happy all the time but it also about being happy for your person, being able to keep your crazy self alive with her. Love is trust, care, affection and a little bit of adjusting. Love is knowing, that she won’t judge you for that crazy creep you are.
And love isn’t just about all that. It’s peeping into your love’s soul and understanding them. Yes, it’s time we gave up on our self made standards as the essence of love is a lot more than that.

It is going wild with her yet finding peace while looking into her eyes. It’s when you look at her and see the crazy dumb mess she is, yet you just know that you want to spend your entire life with her.


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