For all of the bad,
There was good in what we had,
In every moment of weakness,
Strength compiled solution,
Feelings were new,
But to never just leave as invisible
As they were,
To stay and ache in every joint, muscle, and memory,
I thank God you were sent to me,
To have first touched the petals of a newly born flower,
and watch it sprout from its roots into power of what it never thought it had,
For all of the good,
For all of the bad,
I am glad for what we had.

– Chasen Mercier

Chasen Mercier has been giving poetry away in his town for a year and 6 months now. He writes customized poetry and will write you a poem about whatever you would like in 5-10 minutes. He is also in the process of publishing a novel titled “The Illustration of a Poet.” Chasen is a college student currently attending UC Riverside. He says, “Writing will forever be my passion and I live off of the responses I get from fans of my work. I can’t believe there are so many people supporting me.”


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