A Day in Life


Dozens of ice-cream, too much of cold drinks and everything that was next to “prohibited” for me otherwise have become my most hogged on items since last week. I generally don’t get to enjoy these things as I attract the cold virus each time I have them. If I’m not lucky enough, breathing problem tags along with these nice coolers.
But ever since last week, I have been extremely fine. Call it the call of the season or change in immunity for good due to travelling, or maybe exercising daily, I have been alright. Oh wait, make it “had” because “alright” is not the case today. I have been coughing since morning and I expected my illness to be restricted to cough but my stupid conscience wanted me to attend extra mechanics lecture today i.e. on Saturday, so my troubles have gotten doubled and now I don’t just have cough, I have cold and sneezing as well, my sweet nose bearing all kinds of paranoiac embarrassments if you know what I mean.
My stop arrived and I moved out with my bag, a little leisurely since it was the last stop. Do you remember that scene from The Mummy Returns where in a small army of Human soldiers has to fight a huge gigantically enormous army of scary looking erectly approaching running dogs? In the movie the humans are lucky enough to be surprised at the sight of them getting vanished. Unfortunately the movie Life had a bad surprise for me. While I adjusted my bag loads of ladies jumped inside the train to fill up the empty seats and loads jumped out to save themselves from the seat hungry Aunty wrath who also carried my bag along with them. So it was me trying to army my way out and pulling my bag towards me and ladies blatantly ignoring my hardship and shouting at each other anyway. As I swam my way out a girl used my neck as a prop to rest her invading nails on to move out ‘cause yeah, skin be a multipurpose gadget. I looked behind and all I saw was the crowd getting. Taking a deep breath I sat on the seat opposite to the train and watched the train take speed. Funny how life moves; so fast; so soon. In just less than 30 seconds I almost survived an apocalypse (as it’s called in the local train dictionary) I looked around a little; wiped my nose that fortunately got distracted for a while because of all that drama and walked up to my bus stop.
There’s a typical pattern I have observed in the past few years; whenever I have a tiring day I find my low frequency bus calling out to me and I have to run and board it; but fortunately it was at a distance today so I could walk my way through to it peacefully and board it.
The bus caught speed and I paid for the ticket to the bus conductor. My mandatory phone check was followed by a loud thud against the speed breaker the bus went over which led to me loosing grip over my phone. It fell down and I bent over to reach out for it; but it wasn’t there anywhere near it’s fallen spot. I noticed a tiny crevice present at the adjacent side of the seat end. The phone must have crept out of it. The bus halted in traffic luckily and I carried my bag out, rushed towards the side of the road to locate it. I saw the bus pass by me and a few men pointing towards the direction where the phone fell. There it was. One of my Lifes in this world. But to add to my maladies, it’s screen was fractured as fuck. There were million cracks over it. I paid another 40 bucks and reached home as I was too frustrated to wait another minute under the sky that almost killed me and my precious phone today.

Numerous complaints that were at the tip of my tongue on entering the house traversed back when Mum surprised me with Mishti Doi and it literally felt like heaven on my tongue. All my problems just minisculed over the entirety of the delight I felt having it.
Meanwhile my Dad examined my phone and the next thing I knew was my phone looked even better than before! Apparently the fractures appeared on the tempered glass which I had forgotten was fitted on my phone!

At night I couldn’t help but appreciate the ironies of the day. The most Chaotic day of my life had it’s own charm; at the end, it left me smiling.


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