The Storm


I see a storm in front of me,
Swirling along the wind, Dancing to the tunes of anger and guilt;
It moves like a tornado
t edhat has lost it,
destroying everything it touches
and absorbs every pain.

It sings the sound
of silence,
Oh so quiet, and peaceful,
you can never know when it’s
waiting to ravage you.
You can never know
what its hiding.

I see a storm in front of me,
intoxicated by itself,
maddened, yet calm
Ugly, yet beautiful
Lonely, yet powerful.

I see it moving and
I see a silhouette in it,
a silhouette so distinct
it appears known,
I look closer and see a soul,
a beautiful scarred one,
waiting to explode,
waiting to embrace the storm,
I look closer and
realise the storm is me,
and baby, I will destroy you.

-Wings of Delight©

Picture Credits: Nick Steward (insta handle @nickdrewart)

A huge Thanks to Mr. Stewart, for such a beautiful artwork💜 it was indeed an amazing collaboration.


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