Look Up


It’s a leech.
Sucking on our brains. Draining us out, yet pulling us deeper into it.

It’s a leech.
An irresistible one, the sweetest dessert on the menu and the mouth filling cheese stuffed pizza we are addicted to.
We’re it’s consensual slaves. We pay it to keep us obsessed.

It’s a getaway for us, to get sucked into an oblivion- the dearest mask we endure to conceal ourselves from everything real.

It’s a leech.
Killing us slowly. Destroying our happiness by making us believe it is happiness.
Cutting us apart from the candour of life.
It’s the device you’re reading this on;
That has snatched away your first goodmorning wishes from your loved ones.
Your real life is just one decision away from you,
Slavery or Look Up?

Wings of Delight©


The Storm


I see a storm in front of me,
Swirling along the wind, Dancing to the tunes of anger and guilt;
It moves like a tornado
t edhat has lost it,
destroying everything it touches
and absorbs every pain.

It sings the sound
of silence,
Oh so quiet, and peaceful,
you can never know when it’s
waiting to ravage you.
You can never know
what its hiding.

I see a storm in front of me,
intoxicated by itself,
maddened, yet calm
Ugly, yet beautiful
Lonely, yet powerful.

I see it moving and
I see a silhouette in it,
a silhouette so distinct
it appears known,
I look closer and see a soul,
a beautiful scarred one,
waiting to explode,
waiting to embrace the storm,
I look closer and
realise the storm is me,
and baby, I will destroy you.

-Wings of Delight©

Picture Credits: Nick Steward (insta handle @nickdrewart)

A huge Thanks to Mr. Stewart, for such a beautiful artwork💜 it was indeed an amazing collaboration.


love come knocking2 1

You will find her in all those places, when you aren’t really looking. Hidden in the tiny alcove in that dusty library you never bothered to go to, curled up in the tattered wooden seat, reading her favourite book of romantic tradegies. You will find her where you least expect her to be, rummaging through old records, classical music blasting through her shiny new headphones, her rocker chic boots peaking underneath a modest green skirt. You’ll see her on the street, her dyed hair flying this way and that, she will seem a bit clumsy, balancing a stack of comics and a steaming cup of coffee. You’ll always pass her shop on the way to work, when she just opens her bakery and you catch yourself smiling in her direction. You sit besides her, in the too overcrowded train, her inquisitive eyes seeking out stories amongst her fellow passengers that only an observant eye could unearth. Ofcourse, you won’t fall for that clumsy girl, spending all her free time immersed in the fantasy that comics provide. Ofcourse, you won’t fall for that girl who loves classical music yet is spunky enough to give you a run for your money, you won’t fall for that girl you see on your way to work, the one you smile at unconsciously. You won’t fall for that girl, that you occasionally bump into, or share 20 minutes of your commute with. Ofcourse, you won’t fall, because you aren’t looking, you aren’t looking for romance, but love doesn’t come calling with a voicemail to warn you about it’s arrival, it comes whether you want to accept it’s presence or not. Oftentimes it knocks on the door to your heart, when you really aren’t looking. So look, look closer, look into the eyes of the girl whose cheek is always smeared with soft flour, the one you secretly smile at, the one whom you think is too unattainable, too geeky, too spunky, too romantic or the one you seem to always meet. Listen to the girl sitting besides you in the train, chattering about her day. Does it feel like love has come knocking on your door? Does it sound like love?



Maybe my broken pieces are not made out of glass. Maybe they are maybe out of seeds so I can find someone who likes flowers, and is willing to grow them again.

-JM Wonderland

JM Wonderland has had an interest in writing since she was 13. She lives in central Florida with her family and says she has all the characteristics of an INFJ. “When I don’t have my head stuck in a book you can find me on social media.” She says.


Your eyes!

Your eyes are an extension to your beautiful soul

Would love to experience the calmness those eyes behold

Would love to dive in and listen to your stories untold

For they are an ocean that compels me to dive deep to seek what they behold

Your simple gaze has that divine feeling that my soul craves and it leaves it asking for more.


Kunal Vacchani has done his masters in business administration and international business by the worldly qualifications. He is a traveller at heart who loves to click whatever amuses his interest. He has also worked with most reputed research, advertising organizations in the past for India’s most loved noodle brand. Winning a cannes is something he is really proud of. “I Love my family and friends but I love kids the most. Creativity in all forms and types keeps me ticking.” He says.


For all of the bad,
There was good in what we had,
In every moment of weakness,
Strength compiled solution,
Feelings were new,
But to never just leave as invisible
As they were,
To stay and ache in every joint, muscle, and memory,
I thank God you were sent to me,
To have first touched the petals of a newly born flower,
and watch it sprout from its roots into power of what it never thought it had,
For all of the good,
For all of the bad,
I am glad for what we had.

– Chasen Mercier

Chasen Mercier has been giving poetry away in his town for a year and 6 months now. He writes customized poetry and will write you a poem about whatever you would like in 5-10 minutes. He is also in the process of publishing a novel titled “The Illustration of a Poet.” Chasen is a college student currently attending UC Riverside. He says, “Writing will forever be my passion and I live off of the responses I get from fans of my work. I can’t believe there are so many people supporting me.”

A Volcano of Emotions


I feel a volcano of emotions
trying to explode out of your heart,
to be able to live like that,
is surely a piece of art.

Those teasing smirks that hide your shades of jealousy; quench the fire in your eyes,
And the way you look at me, it’s a gentle reminder of the vehemence of passion that you have for me.

Tell me about all your vulnerabilities,
I want to help you get over them,
Talk to me about your weaknesses,
I want to protect you from them,
Show me your desperate side and tell me what I mean to you,
I want to let my tears tell you what you mean to me.
Just let that pride fade away,
and give your heart to me,
Baby with me it’ll forever stay safe.